TPR Featured Band: Black Tabs

Written By: Jenifer Ruano

Self proclaimed college drop outs who make a whole lot of noise, The Black Tabs are a raw blend of gritty rock and roll cloaked in the heavy sounds of psychedelic gloom. Based in Austin, TX, The Black Tabs formed in early 2011 and are Natasha Jean (vocals), Josh Nash (guitar) and Jason Armstrong (drums).

The trio released their first self-titled EP in May and have been playing gigs throughout Texas including the Psychedelic Light & Sound festival at Cheer Up Charlie’s in east Austin on June 17th. The group has quickly integrated themselves into the local music scene and has received praise from critics on their fuzzed out sound and belting vocals. They are a band to watch and you can check them out here:!/black_tabs

The Black Tabs play these upcoming shows:

July 2, 2012 – Charm School Vintage – Austin, TX

July 7, 2012 – Hotel Vegas – Austin, TX

July 14, 2012 – Cheer Up Charlie’s – Austin, TX

July 21, 2012 – The White Horse – Austin, TX

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